As the largest construction materials suppliers in Bahrain, Al-Ma’awdah Construction Materials enjoys an economy of scale that is unmatched in Bahrain, allowing it to offer customer highly competitive pricing.

Al Ma’awdah offers an excellent customer care and after-sales service, including 24-hour delivery and warehousing for customers who make bulk purchases. As owner of one of Bahrain’s largest storage facilities, Al Ma’awdah maintains large inventories so that customers can be sure their required products will always be available. If a customer does not have the warehousing space, Al-Ma’awdah can offer the flexibility to purchase stock and have it delivered according to a pre-determined schedule.

Al-Ma’awdah chooses its suppliers carefully to maintain the highest possible standard of quality for all materials. It is a leading supplier of:

  • Reinforcement Steel
  • Timber, Plywood, MDF
  • SIPOREX Insulation Products

Reinforcement Steel

Al-Ma’awdah Construction Materials is the Kingdom’s most trusted supplier of Reinforcement Steel bars. Its steel is sourced from the largest steel bar factories in the region, including Qatar Steel, Emirates Steel, Turkey Steel Prices are reviewed regularly to offer the highest value in the market and a high level of stock

is maintained so that customers can be assured of consistent availability. In addition, Al-Ma’awdah offers cut-and-bend services at its XX Cut and Bend factory, which results in considerable time and cost savings for customers.

Timber, Plywood, MDF
Al Ma’awdah stocks the following kinds of wood products.

  • Timber:
  • Red Meranti Sawn Timber – Malaysian origin
  • American Hardwood 1st Quality Kiln Dried, Species:  Red Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Etc.
  • European Beech
  • Swedish Pine
  • White Soft Timber – Austrian & Romanian origin
  • Plywood:
  • Ordinary Plywood – Malaysian & Chinese origin
  • Film Faced Plywood – Chinese origin
  • WBP Plywood – Malaysian & Chinese origin
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (M.D.F):
  • Plain MDF Board – Thailand & German origin
  • Veneered MDF Board – Malaysian origin
  • Melamine Face MDF – Chinese origin

Al-Ma’awdah Construction is an exclusive provider of SIPOREX, a well-known manufacturer of Lightweight Thermal Insulated Blocks and Slabs that utilises Swedish technology that has been successfully implemented in Europe for over 80 years and in the GCC region for over 35 years.
Building with SIPOREX will provide your structures with:

  • A high level of thermal insulation
  • Strong and solid structure
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Lower AC tonnage requirements than regular building methods
  • Elegant design and finishing
  • Quicker construction time
  • Reduced costs compared to regular building methods, while having SIPOREX’svalue adds

Parquet Flooring

  • Parquet Flooring – Kaindl (Austria)

Al Talae Real Estate Development

Al-Talae Real Estate is Al-Ma’awdah Group’s real estate development branch. It uses the same high-quality materials the Group supplies to its customers to deliver outstanding real estate projects for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al-Talae’s flagship development is Residence Sharq, a private seafront community emphasising greenery, open spaces, and healthy living. Located on the US$1.6 billion Dilmunia ‘Health Island’,it represents the perfect entry into the luxury waterfront market, with prices starting at just BD48,000, and a variety of options to suit any investment budget.

Residence Sharq features three different types of units: apartments, two and three-bedroom European style townhouses, and ‘floating villas’, the first of their kind in Bahrain. The apartments range from 101sqm for one-bedroom apartments to 268sqm for four bedrooms.


Al -Ma’awdah Group has been involved in some of the country’s most prestigious projects over the past 35 years. We are proud to support our partners by consistently maintaining high standards and supplying high quality materials. The following are some of the projects Al-Ma’awdah Group have supplied:

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